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smart slide patio doors

Smart-slide patio doors by VIKKING

Smart-slide sliding doors are a new generation in the field of sliding patio doors, which are above all characterized by excellent technical features and comfort of operation.


The innovative closing mechanism allows for simple and intuitive operation similar to solutions used in lift-and-slide doors. Specialized window fittings guarantee that after unlocking, the panels move freely and without the slightest resistance on the frame in relation to the unopened part of the structure. The locking mechanism allows the sash to be gently closed in the frame, and thus making the sliding door easy to operate.

The sash depth of 70 mm and frame depth of 140 mm give the new smart-slide sliding doors many options of use, also making it an alternative for renovation.


The use of smart-slide sliding doors is a step towards the optimal use of space inside rooms because the opening of the door does not require opening the sashes which would protrude into the living space. The smart-slide door can be made in two schemes A or C:

  • A: 2-room – with one movable sash
  • C: 4-room with two middle moving sashes

HST patio doors​

Lift & slide door 85 mm.

New HST lift-and-slide door system ensures great comfort and non-limited contact with outside.
Modern architecture prioritises filling indoors with natural light and giving them a mild feeling. 
VIKKING terrace doors suit these trends perfectly and are a great alternative to traditional terrace doors.
HST  terrace doors represent unusual design, easy usage and first-class heating parameters that allow saving on energy and heating taxes.
System description:
  • improved insulating properties
  • threshold and guide rail according to module in either aluminium or GRP
  • glass and panel thicknesses up to 51 mm possible
  • integrated sealing for highest product quality
  • available in numerous decor variations
  • available with aluskin® aluminium shells
  • structure decoration RealWood by VIKKING
patio doors system

Advanced variant with a construction depth of 85 mm and a maximum glazing width of 51 mm, enabling the implementation of any from three product configurations, depending on the expected thermal parameters.

Lift and slide doors of the HST 85 mm type can be found in at least several different versions and arrangements of the wings and unopened parts. The variety of constructions is one of the undeniable advantages of this solution.
The most popular HST door diagrams are 2-room variants – with one or both movable wings – or 4-sectioned – with two middle or all moving wings. The HST door solution enables the implementation of large-sized, glazed elevations – the maximum width of the HST door set reaches up to 6 meters, and the maximum allowable dimensions of the wings are as much as 3000×2500 mm.

PSK patio doors

Usage of standard profiles combined with the special fitting mechanism allows to create PSK Lift-and-slide doors.

These type of constructions are made with standard window profiles.
The moving of wings is possible with the special fitting mechanism.
After turning the door-handle in a closed position, the wing is moving towards the room perpendicularly to the window level, and then it moves on the sides.
Doors also contain the window tilting system. PSK doors are available in three standard versions of opening:

  • 2-billets, where wings are moving towards the left or right side(crossing),
  • 3-billets, where the middle one is moving on both sides, and
  • 4-billets: two middle wings move to the left and right sides.

Maximum sizes of PSK winged doors are 1600x2100mm or 1400x2300mm.

aluplast slide doors
patio doors

Pros of these solutions are the reasonable price and high robustness.
Cons are high brinks of window frames and minor problems with opening and closing if you use them incorrectly.
The main advantage of using this solution is that it creates a spacious, glassed surface with keeping the functionality of surfaces at the same time.
PSK windows are not using the space inside the room after opening, so you don’t need to worry about managing space for them.