Real Wood technology

Only one on the market PVC windows 
with REAL WOOD surface decoration.
REAL WOOD windows are decorated with the highest quality ecological varnishes, providing long lasting colors.
Dedicated to the passive and energy-efficient houses.
Construction up to 6 meters width and many options for Configuring sliding doors.
real wood structure

Innovative idea

Wooden products, during operation in the facilities, are vulnerable to many threats from destructive effect of moisture on the hygroscopic wood construction. From here the idea was born of decorating the surface of PVC profiles, to provide them with the aesthetics of fine wood and eliminate the effects and inconvenience caused by the use of wood.

real wood window

Innovative technology

Decorated PVC profiles using Real Wood technology, unlike wood does not require care for protection against the weather. Any coating repairs are also possible in the facility where windows are already mounted.

pvc windows

Innovative design

Developed by a team of PW VIKKING engineers proprietary technology is the subject of international patent protection. The attractiveness of the acquired visual effects provoked us also to patent an international industrial design.


Terrace doors and windows systems:

  • tilt-turn the ability to use hinges discreetly in the neutral rebate or magnetic sensor to monitor the position of windows, climate control and operation of the hood and cooperating the alarm system.
  •  tilt and slide: comfortably system duoPort SK for large glazing, compatible with the latest trends. It ensures smooth operation and the possibility of increasing resistance to burglary.
  •  retract and slide: System duoPort PAS sliding doors gives a new dimention of functionality. The parallel withdrawal wings of the frame enables natural, energy-efficient
  • HST lift and slide: possibility of the construction of a total width of 6 meters. Turing ergonomic handle down, the closed position, lift the wing a few millimeters, release pressure seals and the ability to freely move the wings. By using the highest quality fittings wings freely and without any resistance move relative to each other or to the unopened portion of the structure.

Ease of use
Thanks to their enhanced stability, Aluplast windows can be opened and closed without a great deal of effort. Even after many years of use.

Design elements
As unique as you are: your home.
Design your windows just the way you want them.
Colour configurator.
Heat insulation
Save energy and protect the environment at the same time: With perfectly insulated windows.


Advanced variant with a construction depth of 85 mm and a maximum glazing width of 51 mm, enabling the implementation of any from three product configurations, depending on the expected thermal parameters.

Lift and slide doors of the HST 85 mm type can be found in at least several different versions and arrangements of the wings and unopened parts. The variety of constructions is one of the undeniable advantages of this solution.
The most popular HST door diagrams are 2-room variants – with one or both movable wings – or 4-sectioned – with two middle or all moving wings. The HST door solution enables the implementation of large-sized, glazed elevations – the maximum width of the HST door set reaches up to 6 meters, and the maximum allowable dimensions of the wings are as much as 3000×2500 mm.
System description:
  • improved insulating properties
  • threshold and guide rail according to module in either aluminium or GRP
  • glass and panel thicknesses up to 51 mm possible
  • integrated sealing for highest product quality
  • available in numerous decor variations
  • available with aluskin® aluminium shells
  • structure decoration RealWood by VIKKING